Barack Obama's Presidency: Most Historic Events In American History

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Sasha White Saint Rose Essay Barack Obama Presidency Barack Obama's presidency is one of the most historic events in American history because he is the third African American to be elected into the senate body and the first to become president of the United States with a net worth of five million. He was inaugurated as the forty-fourth president of the United States on January 20, 2009 into the democratic party. During his years of presidency he has been under scrutiny because he was an educated lawyer with little political experience. Before Obama became president of the United States he had many aspirations and plans on changing the world and getting the United States economy back to…show more content…
He also asked the congress for cash-strapped local governments to hire more teachers and firemen. This affected American teachers and firemen because they had better opportunities to pursue their careers. In March 2010 President Obama created a National health care reform system for uninsured Americans. This system allows them to buy into health care plans with added subsidies and tax incentives but it also prevents the insurance companies from denying coverage. Economist believes that this system will do nothing to control cost but the budget office believes the bill will reduce the cost over a ten-year period. The cost concerns affected Americans because it helped Republicans win control over the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections and they also threatened to remove government funding. This reform also affected Doctors in the United States. states that Doctors believe this Health Care reform will not be fair to them because the nurse practitioners and physicians assistant will be caring for the Patients hands on rather than the doctors even though they have more medical experience. His next plan of action was by using budget deficits which stop

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