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Universal Coverage Health care in the United States has been an issue for some time now, and many people believe that universal coverage should be established. Every person should be entitled to quality, affordable health care and insurance, but how can the American government provide insurance to every citizen and all residents? Can the U.S handle the huge cost increase? These are two valid questions that people would like answers to. Matthew Holt who wrote an article called, “Why is Fixing American Health Care so Difficult?” According to Matthew Holt there are two main reasons why universal health coverage is so hard to accomplish. That’s because such a small population of America is sick and most of the health care dollars get spent on it. There needs to be a transfer of money from the healthy and the wealthy in order to pay for these sick people and the costs are beyond the means of the individuals concerned and their families. So in order to pay for the health care of these sick people and the rest of America, the healthy and wealthy would need to step in and help. This means that the government would have to find…show more content…
Companies have been able to fill some of the cracks by letting the government take care of the people more likely to get sick. An example of that would be Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor. At the same time over the years employers have found the cost of health care becoming a significant drain on their profits. Many have quit providing it for this very reason. Stories of people dying because they had illnesses that were left undiagnosed due to not having insurance to seek healthcare are becoming more frequent. This by far is a good reason to impose universal coverage. Finding the funds to pay for universal coverage will be hard since many state budgets and the federal budgets face large

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