Nvq Level 3 Shc Essay

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UNIT 1 1.1 My duties within the Health Care Referral Team (HCRT) start with the organisation of my ambulance for the day. Initially, I will perform the vehicle checks, oil, water, tyres and fuel. The vehicle has to be started and heaters turned on to bring it to a working temperature so my patient is comfortable. The ambulance needs to be clean and disinfected inside the patient compartment and the stretcher dressed with a clean sheet and a fresh blanket. The storage departments must be full of workable stock, extra blankets and sheets as well as my tools for the job. My Zoll monitor needs checking and spare, charged batteries available and I need to make sure the O2 and Entonox bottles are full. I have a responsibility to my patient, to ensure the best quality of care that I am able to provide throughout the journey, treating them with respect and keeping their dignity at all times. It is also my responsibility to ensure that all company policies and procedures are adhered to and to ensure that my training needs are kept up-to-date so that I am at the level of standards required to undertake my role. 1.2 I will always work as part of a team to provide the best possible care for my patient by working within my skill levels for my work role, set by the Ambulance Service. Also to ensure that I maintain those skills and update them as and when required. For me to become a better person and to be able to quickly form a bond of trust with my patient to enable my patient to trust me enough to be able to open up to me about very in depth personal problems that they may be experiencing. I need to be up to date with all of my company’s policies and procedures and I need to follow these at all times. I must follow my company’s confidentiality protocols to ensure that my patient’s details and sensitive information are not compromised at any time. This includes
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