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The Best Way to Prepare Teens to Face Challenges in the Future Western Governor’s University RUA1 Abstract This essay is about the best way to prepare teens to face challenges in the future. I will be sharing my views as a follower of the Islamic faith- a Muslim in accordance with the Islamic knowledge that is very helpful when it comes to raising our children and/or preparing our teenagers for the future. In raising our children the goal should be to help them get success and happiness in this life and salvation and paradise in the hereafter. The training and the educational process for the teenagers must begin at an early age so that the children have the ability to develop the kinds of skills and behaviors that are necessary and helpful for them in their future. This means that parents should help their children seek necessary education and/or training leading to a profession as well as provide them with the necessary means they need to become successful and responsible members of the society. Becoming responsible and successful not only will help the child in this world but also in the hereafter. Clean, good habits, discipline and a sense of responsibility that the faith Islam teaches can greatly help children in their studies, and later on, in their professional lives while faith and trust in God can add happiness and peace to their success in life. The Best Way to Prepare Teens to Face Challenges in the Future The following three points are very important in the upbringing of the children: 1. A good parent-child relationship 2. Parent’s strong commitment to their beliefs or faith In the Islamic society the first two points are generally enough. Should a good parent-child relationship exist; the children do not develop any emotions rejecting their parents’ views, then if the Muslim identity of the parents is sufficiently strong; then it passes
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