Examples Of Innocence In Catcher In The Rye

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Innocence in the life of a child is as important to them as the very air that they breathe. When they are young, they only believe in the naïve views that they have on the world, and will always follow the ideals that they were born with. The same ideas that give them a beautiful, pure, and peaceful mind set, that has not yet been tainted by the atrocities of mankind. We must do all we can in order to protect the loved ones and the children of our society so that they do not grow up repeating our own terrible mistakes. “I kept thinking about Jane, and about Stradlater having a date with her and all. It drove me crazy” (34). This is Holden’s great concern for one of his childhood friends, Jane Gallagher, being with his roommate at Pencey, Stradlater. The reason he thinks that is because he is the most sexually active person that he knows in the whole school. He shows so much anxiety for her because he knows that she has never had sex with a boy before, and he kept on imagining Jane being the back of a car with Stradlater, and he trying to put the moves on her. Jane means a lot to Holden because she was his childhood…show more content…
It broke into about fifty pieces” (154). The breaking of the record is meant to be symbolic of Phoebe’s innocence breaking at one point in her life, no matter how much Holden tries to stop it. Even though when he tells her this, she still takes it and keeps the pieces of the broken record, which shows the cycle of preserving, breaking, and saving innocence. Holden knows that Phoebe will one day grow old and eventually lose her innocence, but he wants to try his hardest to keep her from losing it at such an early point in her life. In the Carousel scene, Holden sees that Phoebe, like most of the children, is trying to reach for the golden ring, even though he knows that she is going to fall down and hurt herself; however, he comes to the realization that this is a fall she must take so that she can
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