My Sister Keeper

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My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, thirteen-year-old Anne sues her parents for the right to control her body. Conceived as a sibling donor match for her sister Kate, who suffers from leukemia, Anna has undergone numerous procedures to provide Kate with whatever she needs to fight her disease, but when Anna learns she is to give up a kidney for her sister, Anna hires a lawyer and takes her parents to court. In the book shows the medical, legal, ethical, and moral issues symbolisms long- term illness a complicated subject in the modern world of the Fitzgerald family. Anne the main character takes matters into her own hands, approaches a lawyer and takes her parents to court to fight for the right to make decisions about the medical interventions, the rights to her own body. This decision has far-reaching consequences for her relationship with her parents and her relationship with her sister. But far more importantly her sister's life hangs in the balance if she decides she does not want to undergo any more medical intervention. Therefore fire symbolizes the relationships within the Fitzgerald family, evidenced in part by Picoult’s choice of Carl Sandburg’s poem “Kin” as the epigraph for the opening chapters. “Brother, I am fire
 Surging under the ocean floor. 
 I shall never meet you, brother
 Not for years, anyhow; 
 Maybe thousands of years, brother. 
 Then I will warm you, 
 Hold you close, wrap you in circles, 
 Use you and change you
 Maybe thousands of years, brother.” The poem describes fire’s ability to warm as well as to consume, just as the relationships we see in the family, particularly that of Anna and Kate, can both nourish and destroy. Anna and Kate emotionally sustain each other, for instance, even as Anna undergoes painful medical procedures in order for Kate to survive. At the same time, Kate feels as time past and her disease over
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