Does Sherman Alexie Use Humour In Sherman Alexie's Humorous End

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Humorous End People uses humour in different ways. Sherman Alexie in his short story tells how a man uses his sense of humour in his life. The main character of the story is Jimmy Many horses. Jimmy is living last days of his life, diseased with cancer throughout his body. He does not show his emotions about dying in a few days. He also has a wife, Norma, who is obviously struggling with the situation as she will have to bury her husband into the grave shortly. Jimmy, by the way is an Indian who lives on Spokane Indian Reservation. This story also gives a picture of the health status of the Native Americans. Jimmy definitely feels the rude behaviour and racism of the police towards the Indian community, which also he tries to deal with in humorous fashion. Jimmy has a good sense of humour which is helping him in dealing with the sorrows that usually would…show more content…
For instance when he tells about the cancer to Simon, he first thinks Jimmy is joking, but as he goes on to tell him that what he is telling him is actually true then Simon, who was talking continuously to him up until that time is shook and almost frozen. Rest of the trip they travel in his car to the Powwow Tavern was in complete silence. Jimmy has always used his ability to find the humour in every situation, which sometimes leaves him in a situation where he ends up making a joke at a time where he should not have. For example when he told about his favourite tumour to his wife, " Doctor showed me my X-rays and my favourite tumour was just about the size of baseball",(Pg. 2) jokingly comparing it to a baseball even going to an extent to call him Babe Ruth, Roger Maris or Hank Aaron, and then mentioning how he would go to Cooperstown to exhibit his X-Ray pinned to his chest pointing out the tumours, while sitting in the Hall of fame lobby

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