The Balanced Score Card Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital

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The Balanced Score card solution at Peel Memorial Hospital GB520: Strategic Human Resource Management By: Unit 4 Case Analysis 5/23/2014 The balanced scorecard is used in many organizations today. It can be summed up as a tracking tool helping organizations to support their mission and goals. The scorecard monitors daily business activities and tracks if they are beneficial to the company’s vision or goals. The balanced scorecard changes and alters current organizational plans into measurable steps. With that being said, the balanced score card does not only have to be utilized in this way. It can be applied to individual employee performance. A lot of times, employee performance plans with their elements and standards measure behaviors, actions, or processes without also measuring the results of employees' work. By measuring only behaviors or actions in employee performance plans, an organization might find that most of its employees are appraised as Outstanding when the organization as a whole has failed to meet its objectives” ( n.d). In the case of Peel Memorial Hospital. It all boils down to the employees being confused. The employees didn’t understand the hospitals vision and objectives, nor did they see or realize how they fit into them. The organization had a lack of measurable goals, clear objectives, and a vision that was not translated to the employees. The scorecard was implemented to tackle these issues. First a company, when making any changes, should explain to the employees the importance of the changes being made. This way, even if the employees don’t agree with the changes, they will have some sense as to why the changes are needed. Employees also need to understand their role in the changes and what the changes mean for their individual positions. Many employees could feel their position in the company is actually being

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