The Alternative Paths In Life

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Nam Phan 10/15/2011 EWRT 211 The Alternative Paths in Life In the essay, “The Many Paths to Success With or Without a College Education,” Kati Mather discusses our society unfair stereotypes at other forms of education that is not acquired in a traditional academic institution as inferior. People are too quick to judge and stereotype those that did not receive their degrees in an academic institution. In reality, the people that received their degree in vocation school are as vital to the successes of our economy as those that acquired their degrees in an academic school. The economy needs people that are specialized in specific labors to function. According to the author, “education is important, but a college education is not the only path to success,” (Mather 20). I agree with Mather that in our society a formal college education is one path to success, but there are many other alternative paths that can lead to success as well. I am one hundred percent certain that as of today there is no law that says everyone has to finish school and go to college to be successful. My father did not go to college and yet he is still the chairman of a big copper wires company. He went straight to the labor force at the age of fifteen because my family had lost everything after the Fall of Saigon. He was only making minimum wage. He was unskilled and young too. Every penny that he made went back to support the family. Unlike many opportunities that we have today that makes college more accessible, my father was not allowed to apply for college during his time. A miracle occurred and he was accepted. My family was too poor to support his education. As the oldest son in the family my father sacrificed his youth and dream so that my family can have food on the table. The university that my father applied for rejected his files because of my family affiliations

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