Timoth And Eugene In Angela's Ashes

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Roadra Mojumder Timoth and Eugene in Heaven Together In Angela’s Ashes, Frank McCourt has been coping with poverty, loss, humiliation all throughout his life. He has also been heavily influenced by his religion and the stories that he was told by his parents all throughout his young life. So when he taught about the idea of heaven after hell, it seemed much better to him than the current state he and his family were in. This was further amplified when Eugene died. When he died Frank assumed he was in heaven and thought to himself, “He’s far from the Shannon dampness that kills, up in the sky in heaven with Oliver and Margaret where they have plenty of fish and chips and toffee and no aunt to bother you, where all the fathers bring home…show more content…
And even if it was just a penny to buy some toffee Frank didn’t usually get what he wanted. This quote shows all the desires and worries that Frank had. When Eugene died Frank was still a little boy. Little boys during this time got food and candy and had fathers that could earn enough to be able to support his family. Frank never had any of this, though. His father spent all the money he earned on alcohol. For this reason Frank compares his father to these “fathers from heaven” by saying “where all the fathers bring home the money from the Labor Exchange and you don’t have to be running around pubs to find them” (McCourt 90). This shows that he used to worry about how much money the family had and if his father used to spend it on alcohol. It also shows how much he wanted a “father form heaven”: someone he could rely on to earn for his family and support him. Frank thinks his dead brothers won’t ever have to deal with such worries and not getting what they want. He realizes that death may have not been such a bad thing for Eugene but a way of escaping all of life’s hardships for a much more heavenly place. He even seems to be a bit jealous! This suggests that he thought death was better than life at one point. All this ends up fueling Frank’s decisions later on in the future because he grows up wanting to earn money for his family so he could provide everything his father

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