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Ashley Garrett Professor Martens English 009-2 October 2, 2012 Journal 4 In the movie Elf, buddy’s dad, Walter, is a workaholic. He always comes home late for dinner and always leaves before everyone in the house. In this movie Buddy was raised by Santa’s elves and later on found out that his real father lives in New York. Buddy then travels from the North Pole to New York and finally meets his father, who wants nothing to do with him. The essay, Company Man, relates to the movie Elf because a man, Phil, who works six days a week, five of them until eight or nine at night. Phil also had children who felt like Buddy because Phil and Walter always spent their time at work and their children felt like they had no relationship with their…show more content…
When I read the title Company Man, I thought it would be about a guy who owns a company of some sort and something horrible was going to happen to the company. I was totally wrong. A Company Man a man named Phil who loves to work. "He works like the important people.” This quote was said in this essay, and I think it is very important because it shows to the people he works with that he doesn’t just work for himself he works as if he was more then one person. If this essay was different and showed that Phil loved his family, he came home on time for dinner and left after everyone was out of the house. It wouldn’t show that he was a “company man” it would show that he is a caring father and showed his wife and kids what a real father is. Phil should make time to be with his family instead of working all day and not coming home so late at night. Is the company man synonymous for a workaholic? Yes, I think that the company man was a workaholic and didn’t have anytime for his family and that’s why his children were always silent around him and him and his wife had a divorce. Being a workaholic doesn’t just affect your family, but also yourself too. I think as time went on he was noticing that his family didn’t want to be around him anymore and Phil was getting depressed over time. That’s why he became over weight and died at an early age. No one was really surprised at this because he was a heart attack natural, but still

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