Changing on Gender Roles over Thirty Years

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Changing on Gender Roles over Thirty Years Men and women are the two best things that God made in this world. At the beginning, God made men so difference from women in their body and their roles in this world. Men had to be people who were strong, competitive, active, rough, and reserved. Unlike men, women were quiet, gentle, emotional, noncompetitive, and passive. However, men and women have not been repeating their roles over and over; they have been changing in each period of history. Also, their roles are depending on their cultural, biological, and societal. Over the last thirty years, gender roles in past tradition are so different from modern roles, especially gender roles in family between men and women. Furthermore, they have changed in society and in biological. The changing of gender roles between men and women in the family is the first difference between now and the past. Thirty years ago, men were always the ones who went outside to work and earn money. Men went out to farm or went to a small company to make money; after they came home; they met other men near their house and started to drink wine. Men did not to do anything in their houses. If their house needs to fix a fan, a roof, or an electric repair, they would help their wife. At that time, men were always having a job that is made money. Unlike men, women at that time had to work a lot. They woke up early in the morning to cook breakfast and lunch for their husband and their children. They had to clean up their house, go to the market, and take care of the animals. After their husband came home, they had to cook dinner, wash the dishes, teach their children, and if their family did not have enough money, they had to find another job to help their family. They will do their second job after they had finished all their household chores. At that time, women always had to work much harder than
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