Role Reversal in the American Family Essay

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| Role Reversal of the American Family? | Mom becomes the new breadwinner while stay at home dads does the house work and raises the kids. Is this the new norm? Will or can an upturn in the economy restore traditional family roles? | | A look in to the changing American Family | | Wendell Moore (Coach) | 11/27/2013 | | Before We Became Civilized Long before we were civilized, men and women have worked together to sustain the family structure. The men did the hunting and heavy lifting, protecting, finding and building the home, and bringing home the proverbial brontosaurus bacon. Meanwhile the women did the cooking, cleaning and child rearing along with taking care of the man’s needs. The face of today’s family structure has changed. What happened and why? Can it be changed back? Will the family survive? Are men doomed or no longer needed? In The Beginning World War I started in 1914 and America entered in 1917 causing a labor shortage among men and women who had and did take over. The war tore families apart, forcing women to take on new roles in the work force. Approximately a million women filled the vacancies left by the men who were now overseas. Many of whom were young girls and wives that had once worked in department stores and restaurants, but left their jobs to raise families, now worked on the farms and in shipyards and factories. (Joyce Bryant 02.03.09) By late 1918, more and more women had taken over jobs once held by men. Nearly three million new women workers were employed in food, textile and war industries. Labor unions fought to keep from hiring women in factories. They were paid half the wages and worked longer hours in very dangerous conditions. Over 210,000 women were permanently disabled and at least 37,000 lost their lives in poorly lite factories and

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