How Did Ww1 Affect Women

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World War I affected many people during its time of war. WWI was known as the war that ended without any country knowing why it started in the first place. From the mid 1914 to late 1918, the lives of women and men changed for the better. The war impacted the men who had to leave their job to support the battle and the women who kept up with the jobs in order to keep the war running. The women went from running the house to running the factory. Men went from running the factory to running the army and fighting. French Field Marshal Joffre emphasizes, “If the women in the factories stopped work for twenty minutes, the Allies would lose the war.” I believe that the women were the main driving force behind the war and helped the United States win with the Allies. Without them, I believe, the men fighting would not have had much power to continue to fight since the women provided them with necessities to win. The women of the early 20th century helped by filling in the jobs that men used, volunteering as nurses, and giving hope to the soldiers to fight back with. Women completely stabilized all the jobs that were left by the men. Around 1 to 2 million women joined the workforce during the war, such as in governmental jobs, in public transport, in the post office, in business clerks and…show more content…
They entertained the men with songs, short plays, poems, and dances. The image of the women doing all those things would be implanted into the men’s head right before battle. They could carry that memory with them into battle and fight to come back to it. Also, women were put on posters and postcards that the men had. These images gave the men inspiration to fight harder. This would remind the men of what to protect and what is waiting for them back at home. The faces of the young women gave hope to the male soldiers to fight harder to win for their
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