Essay On The Role Of Women During The Civil War

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Chapter 14 Essay (#5) Women played a very significant role during the civil war. For example, since men left to fight in the war, vast amounts of women had to take the roles of men in multiple aspects such as teachers, office workers, and many other professions in which they were obligated to comply in order to maintain an attempt at having a stable community during war time. Even though women took many different jobs men dominated previously, the profession in which most women found themselves during the civil war was in nursing. Besides being workers during tough times, women such as Susan B. Anthony led other women into reforms movements like women’s suffrage and abolition. During the civil war, women played a very significant role because they took many roles…show more content…
Even though it was a job dominated by men, during the civil war many women had to become nurses due to the lack of males. Even though many male doctors opposed women as nurses, women were so useful that complaints from doctors were soon ignored. Women nurses were very significant during this period of time because they helped save many lives and at least slow down the spread of disease and the death rate. But that’s not all that women in the nursing profession did. Women in this job also provided traditional women jobs such as cleaning, cooking, and laundering. Many of the nurses served in field hospitals thanks to Dorothea Dix who led many women into these hospitals through the U.S sanitary Commission, an organization she led. The U.S Sanitary Commission also helped save many lives of soldiers during the civil war. Nursing was a very significant role of women during this time not only because they helped save many lives. It was also significant because after the civil war, nursing was dominated by women and up until present day, it still is. Women during this time provoked such a powerful change that still lasts
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