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Rule of the Bone In todays world people dont realize how it is not too have any parents or not too have a roof over their head. In the book Rule of the Bone by Russell Banks it shows how a kid struggles with these problems and tries to handle them all by himself. The book is based with themes that are all linked into one hell of a life for a kid. Where for the most part of the book he spends his time searching for people he could call Family so he could be loved, when he's not looking for family he gets sucked into searches for his own identity. Another theme in the book is Abandonment and as you will see in this text, the youngster has nothing going for him. As some of my class mates would say "its almost funny how unlucky this kid gets" but even after all that he keeps his chin u and he keeps going. Thats where the last…show more content…
later on chappie moves into his friends apartment where he encounters a bike gang, they are not very pleasant people but Chappie tries to associate as family. He says "…so in a sense like Bruce said,we were a family weather we wanted to be or not…" (49) even though being a family with a bunch of dirty bikers was not the best thing, Chappie still felt like he finally belonged especially when Bruce, the head of the gang started to look after and care for Chappie. But unfortunately for Chappie Bruce dies in a house fire which makes Chappie even more sad because he lost someone that he looked up too almost like an older brother. Chappie later on meets Froggy a young girl about the age of 5 with a man that seemed to be more of a pedophile than a father figure to the little girl. Chappie later on rescues Froggy from the man and they go to a deserted schoolbus in a junk yard where they meet I-Man on page. "…i knew that i had met the man who would become my best friend" (151). This man turns out to change chappies life completely and is the man that does become a mentor to

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