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P2 for Unit 8 Growth: The meaning of growth is an increase, as in size, weight, height, or strength; Development: Development is the on-going progress that something is growing and getting better, the act of developing. An improvement in skills or abilities not due to simply getting older Michael Jackson Education can be positive because if you are a hard worker, you can pick subjects that you like doing and want to study. A good education means you can get good qualifications and a constructive job so you can earn money to make a living. However, it can be negative because you may find it hard to study at school, for certain reasons such as bullying; this may result in you taking days off school and leaving school. So you won’t be able to concentrate which means you won’t get a good job because you will not have any qualifications. Michael Jackson didn’t really have a good childhood Negative Effects: Physical: his father used to beat him, which could if left him with bruises and sprains etc. Intellectual: because of his upcoming career, he didn’t really attend school, as it would have been too hard for him to balance everything out, so he missed out on a lot of education. Emotional: his father used to beat him which could have left him UN confident. he never had a chance to meet one of his brothers seeing as the brother had died at a young age, although he never got to meet his brother it still could of left him intellectually puzzled about the past. Social: he lived in a house with a small room with pollution which could have left him self-conscious. Spiritual: his mother was Jehovah’s Witness which could mean that the background he is from was quite grounded, strict and looked out for high expectations. Positive Effects: Physical: the more he grew he became stronger and his lifestyle made him more active travelling from country to country and
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