The Affectiveness of Sq3R Strategy to Improve Reading Comprehension of Senior High School

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION I.1 Background of the Problem Reading is a basic of life skill. It is cornerstone for students’ success in school, and also in their life. Nowadays, many students able to read but not all of the students understand about what they are read and it is a big problem of students. By reading a lot, the students will have a lot of knowledge. Reading is a complicated activity for students to do. Reading is not only about knowing the content but also understanding the meaning that is explained by the writer.. Among of the four languages skills, reading have the higher position of importance. However, this is not meaning that the other skills are ignored. According to Linse (2005: 69) “reading is a set of skills that involves making sense a driving meaning from printed word. In order to read the students must be able to decade the printed words and also comprehend about what they are read”. It means that by reading a lot students will have more knowledge than the one who do not. Reading is also crucial for the students because the succed of their study depends on the greater part of their ability to read. Reading is one of basic skill in learning the language that has the purpose to achieve comprehension and also reading is one of the most difficult skills. Actually, the function of reading means that the students are expected to comprehend several texts of reading for information such as passages, dialogues, charts, letters, announcement, etc. They are intended to apply the skills of reading, skimming and scanning, that intensive to get main idea of each paragraph, the detail and specific information, and to answer inference questions based on the text given. It is expected that the students will follow the class seriously and with a big motivation since in reading class students learn how to comprehend the text through some skills and strategies.
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