Active Reading Critical Thinking and the Writing Process

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shawnzelle dillon Sept 10th 2012 Mr.Jones Active reading , critical thinking, and the writing process is important because it helps you to become an active reader, and a better writer. Active reading, critical thinking, and the writing process shows you how to read authors work properly, how to analyze, and discover and really take a deeper look at the authors words in a different way. Its helps you to find evidence beneath the text and find a new meaning to what the writer is trying to portray. Active reading is reading an authors work and examining it, and looking at how they are thinking. It is looking at and reading how others write, and at the same time comparing it to the way you write. It is also working with their ideas and seeing how you can, in a way make them your own. Active reading is holding others writing up to a light as if to see the good and the bad and figure out how their writing works. It can also mean criticizing them, not always negatively but in a way that you can learn more form their writings. “To write well - to express your idea efficiently and clearly - you need to observe how others do it. (Cohen 2). Critical thinking, is going beyond the summary of the story and trying to make sense of what you’ve read. It is not just reading the text but, looking at the way the author says something, or reading in between the lines, and going farther into the text than, just reading it. Critical thinking when reading, is like searching for a hidden treasure the writer wants you to find, by looking a more in dept to their writing. It is also thoughtful engagement with the authors work, and asking yourself if you agree with the topic in which they writing about. “It means thinking not about just what someone says but about the unspoken assumptions that lay behind what she says, the unnamed implications of what she says, and the way

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