My Literacy Narrative

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Gerson Guevarra Professor Juarez English A: MW 9:30 am November 29, 2010 My Journey to Reading and Writing (Re-write) Reading is a natural habit that most people will learn in life. Everybody learns differently however. Some may be faster than others, and some may be slower. The reading process as a whole is a very complex area, and is constantly changing. For me, reading and comprehending has been a challenge throughout my life from learning to speak English as a language, finding the interest for reading, and being able to understand the things I read. As an elementary school teacher who is responsible for teaching young children how to read, it is vital for me to understand that it is up to the learner to grasp the concept of reading and understanding. I believe that this skill is mandatory to have because it is needed to excel in all aspects of life. As far as I can remember, I have been reading since I was four years old. Pre-school is where I started to learn words, and was able to read them off of books and posters. I know that I was not able to speak English well because my parents would talk to me in Tagalog. Tagalog is the main dialect of the Philippines. Through watching videos, I know that I spoke fluent Tagalog and very little English. The torture of not being able to speak fluent English lasted until I was in second grade. I remember a time in second grade where I asked Mrs. Kelly a question about an event that we were going to have. “Are we allowed to wear a sando (tank top)?” I asked. Not knowing what that was Mrs. Kelly never fulfilled my question because she did not know what I was talking about. It was really hard for me to get some of my points across during this period of my life because I did not know little words such as “sando” in English. I slowly got better in English by practicing more at school and by hanging out with friends who
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