Technology Ruins Relationships

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TThanks to technological advances, literally two people planets apart could communicate in real-time as if they were holding a face-to-face conversation. Yet it is arguable that new technologies and communication devices destroyed communication among family and friends. I personally find the later claim nonsensical for the following reasons: Modern devices facilitate communication, help keeping in touch with acquaintances, and cannot replace physical conversations. While it is true, back in the days were correspondence had to be by letters, the quality of the messages was richer in content. Letters would also take days if not weeks to reach their receiver. In fast moving society like the one we live in, letters are definitely not an option because of the time factor. Modern devices allow real time conversations literally within two clicks. Moreover, when you do not receive a Shakespearian message on your phone, it is not because of the devices’ limitations, text language emerged rather because of time constraints dictated by the fast-paced society we are all part of. A second point anti-modern technology folks bring up is how these devices are replacing physical conversations. While it is true that people spend more time on social media websites and instant messaging services, it does not mean these services completely obliterate face-to-face communication. In fact, people use such services to communicate with people they cannot physically meet like family members or friends living abroad, or to set up a location and time to meet up. Anti-technology would also point out that today’s youth prefers to engage with their virtual followers and “friends” rather than participating in a conversation with their family members. While it is true, you can go out to any restaurant and find at least one family where everyone is facing down looking at their phones while
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