The Reality of a World Dictated by Technology

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The Reality of a World Dictated by Technology People have become overly dependent on technology. Even though technological advancements make everyday tasks much simpler, technology should be used in ration. There are many other options to complete a task or communicate, but many people today find those ways too “stupid” because they rely heavily on technology. Although technology make life easier, people should not depend on it because it promotes laziness, places barriers between people, decreases language and communication skills, and destroys other types of media. With all the technology found in common households, people can do just about anything from their home. As a result, people become lazy and don’t even feel the need to leave their homes to find entertainment and fun things that used to be fun, such as playing sports at the park, meeting friends at a restaurant or coffee shop, or even getting together to play board games. People no longer need to go out to shop for clothes or appliances when they can simply go online and buy whatever they want. This is not always a bad thing, but most people take it too far because they find it to be more convenient than going to the store. Even technology in cars makes people lazy. There are cars that parallel park themselves and cars that have rearview cameras so the driver does not have to turn around when backing up. How can people be expected to anything if they have technology to do it for them? Technology puts barriers between people and decreases face-to-face interactions. With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, people can keep up with each other without actually talking to them. Online video games also reduce face-to-face interactions because people can play any game they want with anyone from anywhere. This can also damper someone’s confidence levels when they actually meet somewhere outside
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