This Is Your Brain on the Internet

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This Is Your Brain on the Internet The brain is one of the most fascinating organs in the human body. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the brain is a social organ. It reacts to environment around us, and these reactions subconscious or not can have an effect on our brain. One question that is being asked more and more regarding this is that is the internet making us dumb. Even though the internet is not a brand new thing, this question was never brought up because of how slow it used to be and because of how many people had access to it compared to now. In this day and age the amount of people who use the internet heavily for a cornucopia of things is amazing. It has now become such an integral part of society that it seems it may be changing how our brains our working. When we do anything enough times it will start to affect our brain. If we lie all the time we will start to have a brain that is tailor made to make lying easier (Neulieb). It is evidence like this that has made people ask the question of what role the internet may have in changing the way our brain works. One of these questions that has been brought up a lot recently is how it is effecting the way we are learning things. The internet has taken the place of books for the most part because the internet is such a powerful tool that most people who are in school have access to. With all this access to information at an extremely fast rate books have become something that people look past because it seems too time consuming in the fast pace world we live in. But one problem that people have pointed out is, because of the vast amounts of different information we go through at such a fast pace our brains have started to retain information differently. Now we don’t have the need to keep a lot of the information we are taking in because we know how to find it extremely fast and it is not vital
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