Fahrenheit 451 Censorship And Reality

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Censorship: A mortifying Reality Censorship; a word that has gained recent important in the news and is becoming an ever-growing problem in our world. However, the concept of censorship is not new rather the earliest dates case of censorship found was back in 460 BC, when an office of Censorship was established in Greece. In 300 B.C, Socrates was sentenced to drink poison for misguiding the youth of the time against moral and political codes created by the government of the time. Then in 300 AD came the first censorship law formed by China, a country that still has one of the world’s largest and strongest censorships implemented. It is then essential to understand why censorship has been used, is being used and will…show more content…
There were many different factors that led to this drastic measure and we will be discussing them separately as the lack of engrossment in books and general abhorrence towards books. In the world that we live in, physically very similar to the one Bradbury portrays, the amount of free time that we possess keeps shrinking. Fahrenheit 451 shows that the ability to concentrate is very minimal in the general population of the world due to constant exposure and stimulation from advertisements, music and transportation. Therefore, the person or group which gains access to these stimulations is capable of not only changing the mindset of the population but their complete lifestyle. Amongst all this fast-paced world, people would have rather not considered about the immense amount of books available, opting for more conventional methods of obtaining knowledge. This brings us to the second category of factors that resulting in the burning of books , personal emotion. In our current world, many people feel more important than others due to their excessive readings and the knowledge they have obtained from these readings. This results in both jealousy and envy in the people who may not have time or methods to read’/access these books and obtain the knowledge for themselves. The other essential factor present in the book…show more content…
Censorship in the society of Fahrenheit 451, mainly in the form of books by banning them, has three major effects on the populations: defined thought, shallow happiness and homogenous society. What the removal of books from mankind does is increases the intellectual contentment of a person, no matter what they’re faced with. Reading books causes the mind to think more critically and most importantly, think for it. If the brain is not thinking for itself, then the job of the group or individual trying to manipulate and control you is already half done. Once it becomes easier to manipulate the person freely, the government in the case of Fahrenheit 451 is capable to engineering a whole society as they please. The second result that censorship of society and the banning of books brings is increasing the pleasure and happiness which objects bring, rather than the emotional connection between mankind. This in turn turns the happiness to be very shallow and short-lasting, increasing and stimulating the economy but severely hurting the human mind. Our last result that will be discussed in this essay is the way censorship changes the whole society. The immense diversity of books that we each read as an individual make us unique in many different ways that we cannot

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