The Importance Of Immigrants In The United States

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In my opinion, I think that with a balance of border control, amnesty, and identification we can continue to have the U.S. as a place where people from all over the world can have every opportunity they want. Everyone deserves a chance, but sometimes you have to work harder than others to get what you want. I think that we should not completely open our borders to all immigrants. Too many U.S. citizens already are unemployed. More adults looking for work just makes the problem worse. Not saying that the illegals are necessarily “taking” the jobs from Americans, it is just making it hard for anyone to find a job because the U.S. is growing in population, therefore making jobs scarce. If more immigrants came, the population would grow to a higher extent, making it even harder for anyone to find work. More U.S. citizens would be unemployed, because the immigrants are taking up a great portion of the population. I think that we should grant the illegals that already live here citizenship, then close the borders. It would probably cost us more to find, identify, and deport illegals than it would to allow them…show more content…
The taxes for these things are not usually paid by most illegal immigrants, and this costs all of the legal citizens more money. Also, schools are getting crowded which is causing poor education for everyone; and poor education leads to people not being able to get jobs, and people without jobs leads to more crime. Hospitals are not paid by the illegals, and they don’t have healthcare, so they go to the Urgent Care. They go to the Urgent Care instead of the regular doctor, because they can’t pay for a doctor, and at Urgent Care they are required to help you even if you can’t pay. They go in for small things that would normally be for a regular doctor to take care of because it is free. That is one disadvantage that should be taken care

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