Prohibition And Crime

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How did prohibition lead to the increased spread and influence of organized crime? Prohibition in these United States was a period in time where America took the risk of trying something that would spark the mob as we know it. These years were years of turmoil, confusion, and illegal booze. This period created habits of smoking, drinking, injecting and much worse. Along with this came the formation of organized crime. Thanks to these people prohibition became a horrid time in which Americans lost their morality and did anything for a quick drink. From this point forward America would learn a great deal of lessons from the tragic time of prohibition or as some like to refer to it the “noble failure”. As seen above Prohibition had many multiple…show more content…
This craze and outbreak of drug use has been seen and contributed to the prohibition in the United States. This is because since now drinking is legal the people who found their refuge in doing the illegal in thing they now have become drug dependant. Recently is when the two situations have been linked and that the people have seen that both are connected by the mob and are run the by underworld lords of the time. Along with this came the new sentiment that the United States must do something about this situation and become a country free of any illegal vices. At this point the antinarcotics associations have looked at how the prohibition fixed the situation to start to put an end to the new narcotic craze. Even though it may seem just as bad the people who recorded the prohibition say that America has improved since then and now a significant percentile less is engaged in little if any illegal drug or alcohol acts. Another fact that prohibition left was the love of underage drinking. This is since the prohibition was in action that young kids started to sneak drinks to seem part of society. This action stated as part of the prohibition and has caused the American society to suffer from huge social disorders. Among all of these the most controlling and still strong organization is the mob. They are a group of individuals that will be around to contribute to the errors of the United States for a long time. From this point on people have seen that the mob will be part of this country forever and that America is a nation that is influenced strongly by organized crime since its upbringing in the “noble experiment” that was the Prohibition (Clark 220-229). Prohibition has left a legacy that is reflected until this very day from the organized crime to the narcotic problem the US has now. The prohibition has contributed greatly to all of these problems and many more.
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