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Has Huxley written a book about what a perfect society is, or has he written about degradation humans? The society in Brave New World is functional, it protects it's people everyone is happy, and it keeps people safe. The lives of the people seem to be horrible because they have no individuality. Yet their lives are much better than ours. In a Utopia the things that hurt the society and make it unstable the same things that make people happy in a modern society. That's why books, movies, and anything that could show an opinion is regulated by the government. The government takes away the peoples freedom and liberties , which is what a Utopia does. If a government controls the media and society as a whole, is it really bad for the people it…show more content…
The first Helmholtz Watson is one of them. He does not like the utopia, because when he was created they made him too smart. This makes Helmholtz want more then the utopian society can provide for him, resulting in him exploring his boundaries. Helmholtz wants to see what else there is in the world, because he will never truly be satisfied with his current state. He wants to see what it is like outside of his utopian society. Helmholtz dreams of what it would be like to not be controlled by the current government. The issue is that when Helmholtz was created his knowledge should have hit a stopping point, but Helmholtz knowledge just keeps growing, because it can not stop. Bernard is the second character, an alpha, considered to have the best life than any of the other classes. When Bernard was created they messed up and gave him have the stature of a lower caste Gamma. "They say somebody made a mistake when he was still in the bottle---thought he was a Gamma and put alcohol into his blood-surrogate" Pg 46 Most people recognize what class someone belongs to by their physical size. This makes most people treat Bernard as a lower caste which makes him feel that he is not welcome in the Utopia and undermines his confidence. When Bernard brings back the savage, he instantly becomes popular. He has women that always want to be around him; he starts to fit into society. John is the third character. Unhappy in Utopia because he finds it dull since no one really has a choice. John learned about religion, and freedom on the reservation, so he is unhappy with the utopian government because it can not provide those freedoms. He tries to start a revolution to show the people freedom, but they are not smart enough to comprehend his

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