Technology Becoming Out of Hand in the Future

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Technology becoming out of hand for the future In the article “Why the future doesn’t need us” by Bill Joe (2000) states that in the future the world is not going to need us. He continues his argument by stating that computers are being created to do the jobs of humans, but a lot better, which leaves many people out of jobs. As of now there is not an industry that uses a computer to do daily work. Computers do make work more efficient, but knowing that humans may be voluntary to give up power to a machine. If humans do give up power to machines they may be capable of making all of our decisions for us. The world may become so dependent on machines, that if the machines were to stop working or we turn them off, it may lead to suicide because of dependency. We can personally have control over our cars and computers, but if there is a large computer system that takes over it could be harder to take them back over. There are many ups and downs to having technology running the world. As humans we should be cautious to what we create and what should control us. In previous classes I have taken the professor explained that in the future technology is going to farther complex; possibly take over the world, and humans becoming too dependent on technology. When becoming too dependent on anything it can have them start controlling the choices we make. Like any computer or technology, things can go wrong. Computers crash and people always learn how to hack into it. By becoming so dependent it allows computers to become more vulnerable to crashing or having people hack into it and change them. For example, of someone is in a coma and they are on life support, they are not living on their own. The machine is basically living for them and if that machine is turned off or breaks the person can die instantly. Another example is if we did not have computers in our lives we would

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