Technology's Negative Impact on Society

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iAlone Imagine its a normal Saturday. Instead of enjoying lunch with your best friend. You sit next to each other and spent half an hour texting about your day. After that, instead of going to talk to your English teacher, you emailed her your question from home. Because of this your teacher will never get to know you. You guys will never develop a bond that could produce countless stories. Even though she would've been a great source for a recommendation letter if she had. And instead of paying attention to your boyfriend during your date, you sit across from him on you iPhone texting him and several others. Of course he'll never know your eye color because you’re on my phone 24/7, but at least he knows your Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr name. And you spend far too much time on Twitter trying to connect with your 1000+ followers. The majority of whom you’ve probably never seen." As a matter of fact, technological detachment is becoming today's reality. Technology seems to be subtly destroying the meaningfulness of human interactions, disconnecting us from each other and the world around us, and leading to a menacing sense of isolation in society. We need to go back to simpler times and back to simple communication. People tend to exaggerate the personas they portray because they have much more time to revise and calculate the content rather than a spontaneous face-to-face interaction. Some psychologists and sociologists who have studied usage habits on Twitter, Facebook and popular dating sites say there's little correlation between how people act on the internet and how they act in person. Not to mention, Face to face communication had been the "norm" for thousands of years. Charisma and oratorical skills as well as social cues and eye contact have been keystones in our abilities to interact, and make progress as a society. This, however, is all changing. It

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