Technology In The Workplace

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Running head: WORKPLACE COMPUTERS Technology in the Workplace: Utilizing Workplace Computers for Personal Use Joe Johnson Spring 2011 As the years move forward, there is an increasing amount of technological advancements being made. These advances are making many professional and personal tasks more convenient and easier to perform. And while there are many benefits and advantages to the ever changing and increasing technological resources available to individuals, there are also disadvantages in the workplace. With technology usage and technological advancement comes various ethical issues, specifically employee misuse and abuse of company computers for personal use. Thus, employers must establish and develop acceptable use policies that will serve to educate and inform employees about the acceptable use of workplace computers and technology. Restricting Workplace Computer Usage The use of technology and the Internet, in the workplace, offers many new opportunities for businesses. The use of technology and the internet allows many companies to reduce operating costs and expenses, to increase communication with employees and customers, and allows employees to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently. The establishment of a site on the internet also enables companies to operate on a larger scale and easily expand product lines. However, in addition to using the Internet for work-related purposes, employees are also using the Internet for personal use, whether for sending personal e-mail messages, playing computer games, downloading pornography, shopping online, checking stock prices, or gambling. Accordingly, many issues have come to light involving employee e-mail and Internet use. Employers have to question how much, if any, personal use of the internet and e-mail to permit in the workplace. Employers are also faced with the question

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