Eco/365 Principles Of Microeconomics

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UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX John Sperling School of Business (South Orlando Learning Center) Assignment for ECO/365 – Principles of Microeconomics Submitted to: Submitted by: Date of Submission: Title of Assignment: Article Review Author(s): Ardon Schambers Title of the article: Workplace technology puts strain on organizational policies. Source of article with the date & year: The source of the article came from powered by Grand Rapids business journals March 22, 2013 Primary issue: The way the company technology has an impact on the employees Secondary issue(s): Is the employee schedules, their wages, and the…show more content…
(2010). Enacting Integrated Information Technology: A Human Agency Perspective. Retrieved from El Sawy, O. A. (2010). Research Commentary—Seeking the Configurations of Digital Ecodynamics: It Takes Three to Tango . Retrieved from Markus, M. L. (n.d.). Information Technology and Organizational Change: Causal Structure in Theory and Research. Retrieved from Schambers, A. (2013). Workplace Technology puts Strain on Organizational Policies. Retrieved from Vannoy, S. A. (2010). Managerial Interpretations of the Role of Information Systems in Competitive Actions and Firm Performance: A Grounded Theory Investigation. Retrieved from Home » Workplace technology puts strain on organizational policies Area Economy Workplace technology puts strain on organizational policies March 22,…show more content…
It often raises other issues like chain-of-command, confidentiality, timeliness of disclosure, etc. Then there are the typical HR issues such as when is the employee working and how does it impact wage/hour regulations? New practices regarding recruiting, background checks and employee relations as it pertains to social media are becoming important regulatory issues in the discussion of tools and working locations outside a factory or office building. There also are employees who prefer to use their own equipment for business because they can tailor it to their personal needs and it may be better than what the organization furnishes with tight budgets. The more you dig into this topic, the more convoluted it gets. It may not even be possible to clearly say who is an employee and who is a self-employed contactor when you begin to look at people who have variable schedules and often work from home — a trend that has multiple values but also has drawbacks, as some CEOs are starting to

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