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Please answer the following questions in an MS Word document using APA style formatting. For those which you need research to answer, please provide the citations. 1. What do you think are some of the factors in the modern workplace that contribute to a theft of time? How can those factors be managed? The three huge factors contribution of theft of time in the work place is the internet, mobile phones and smoke breaks. • The internet is probably the most taking advantage of when it comes to theft of time because you can use the internet for almost anything like for researching, news, shopping, social sites, etc. Because the internet is now a part of our everyday lives, it can become a natural instinct to utilize the internet but employees must be mindful of internet usage on company time especially for personal use. Employers can manage internet usage by blocking employees from accessing certain sites (i.e. facebook, twitter, personal e-mail accounts, or sites that would appear non-business related). Another way to manage internet usage is to monitor how much time employees are spending on the website and what website are they accessing. • Mobile phone usage can be another factor in theft of time. If the company is monitoring call and the internet, an employee is most likely to use their cell phone to talk on personal calls, accessing social media and probably the most use is texting. This can detour employees from being their most productive at work. The only way I see managing cell usage is having a written policy with rules around cell phone usage. • Another factor in theft of time is smoke breaks. Smoke breaks can somewhat become a social event. It is common for employers to give employees 5 minute smoke breaks but employee tends to exceed their break time if they are socializing. The time employee takes for smoke breaks can add up significantly

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