Dead Man's Cellphone

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Mikal Muhammad Dead Man’s Cell Phone Analysis Essentially the cellular phone was used as an illustration of the changing generation and the transition into a digital age. Also by connecting technology with the aura of secrets that this man had, it creates the setting for a great story. The actors illustrate the impact of technology and more so the effects of the use of the mobile phones in the lives of people and more in society. In addition, the cell phone was used variedly to illustrate different meanings to the characters. The moral theme of the story behind the ownership of the cell phone is the importance and secretive lives led by people in society by the mere use of the cell phone. The importance of the cell phone in the life of the dead man could be termed as colossal in terms of the operations that he maintains using his cell phone. He manages to operate an illegal trade, manage and maintain a mistress as well as cater for his family using the mobile phone. To me this dead man sounds like almost every person in the population. Cell phones have went from being devices of contact to devices of mass communication, secrets, and the collection of common data. The use of the cell phone was used to illustrate the effects of technology on a personal level. This was illustrated by the increased social interactions by the owner of the café after acquisition of the mobile phone. This includes the interactions with the dead man’s mother, mistress, his illegal trade in body parts and his role as a husband. Thus, the cell phone could be termed as the lifeline of majority of people such as the dead man, to whom the cell phone was a lifeline for his interactions with the mistress as well as the lifeline in terms of his illegal operations as seller of illegal body parts. When you think of it, had the man just lost his phone and it fell into the wrong hands; he

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