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Privacy Paper HRM320: Employment Law Prof. Brian Lahargoue DeVry University Online Valerie Tidwell In the work place today there are many things that the employee is doing that makes a company want to keep track of what is going on within the company. The theft of company time is one of the many things that a company is trying to get a grip on and with the changes that are happening daily within the internet and the world becoming more digital and electronically advanced, it is a race to balance what is considered to be private and what isn’t private. Employee phone conversations are considered to be private, but a company does have the right to record the conversation, however, they may listen only to the contents of the business…show more content…
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The whistle blower Protection Act (“WPA”) of 1989 was enacted to safe guard workers who report major violations of law from being discharged or otherwise retaliated against by their employers. To qualify for whistle-blower protection, an employee must provide a written disclosure regarding a violation of State or Federal law through (1) mismanagement: (2) abuse of authority, (3) substantial waste of public funds, or (4) danger to public health and/or safety. (Employment Law, New Challenges in the Business Environment 6th Edition by John Jude Moran© 2014PearsonEducation, Inc.) Sheldon is protected by The Whistle blower Protection Act he would be able to keep his job, but the company will receive a stiff fine if this is found to be true that they are dumping 50% of the toxic waste into the

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