Privacy Under Attack Analysis

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In the essay “Privacy Under Attack” the author believes that one’s privacy is being attacked by not only the government but also by computer hackers. Privacy can be considered as one of the most valuable possessions and privileges. Every day, people are being bugged and alarmed by the growth of privacy-evading technologies that penetrate their personal information, personal space, and personal moments. Lately, a telephone technology has been developed which enables companies to have a back door to people's privacy setting installed in their telephones. Aside from this, there are also the restless cameras installed in the elevators , restaurants , parking areas , common rooms , lounge areas apartments , and all the other places where people least expect to be watched . As years pass, the technology becomes more unpredictable that people can no longer foresee what effects it will cause. I agree with the author because nowadays, as more and more people get fascinated by the new technological advancements, the number of people being victimized by privacy evasion is increasing as well As the internet continues to soar in the 21st century, an increasing number of people are becoming hooked to sharing and information sharing applications through their personal computers and the World Wide Web. However, blinded…show more content…
Every day people are losing privacy little by little without them realizing it. In the places they thought they would not be heard or tracked or even watched, they are. People will feel that everywhere they go they are not safe because they know they do not have any privacy. With the growth of technology, people find different ways to get ones information. Never give out any type of information online or anything because one never knows if what they are filling out is fraud or not. People need to know beforehand if what they are getting themselves into is worth losing their
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