To Be Secure or Not to Be: Isn’t This the Question?

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To Be Secure or Not to Be: Isn’t This the Question? A Critical Look at Hotel’s Network Security Main Idea The main idea outlined in this case is as followed the technology in changing around us every day. In all of the areas of a hotel operation many changes have occurred over the course of a few years mainly based on the use of computer systems. This change in technology has changed the way we do business and interact with people in the industry but there are many risks mainly due to security breaches which include fraud, hacking, sabotage, system failures and many more which results in large losses to hotel companies. Important Facts When it comes to the protection of the business most security breaches never reach the surface of the public mainly because they want to protect the loss of trust in the eye of the public and preventing copycat hackers to hack their systems (Frederick J. DeMicco 2007) In most hotels today they offer wireless access that can be accessible within many areas of the hotel this could potentially influence the threat of backdoor access from an unwanted hacker. (Zhang & Paxson, 2000).Networking threw the systems can cause security problems because anything that is sent threw the internet can potentially fall in the wrong hands if not properly secured. Usually these problems occur because lack of training or knowledge of information technology. In most cases the person that is in charge is familiar with computers but not with proper procedures in information technology. Some of the questions that need to thought about and that were asked within this journal were 1. What are the current practices used by hotels to protect computer networks? 2. What are the current threats to computer network security in hotels 3.How do these computer security threats in hotels happen? 4. What are the ways of handling computer network security

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