Pushing Paper Can Be Fun

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Pushing Paper Can Be Fun Introduction The police captain is having a problem with getting his officers to file accurate and timely paper work. The officers prefer the contact they have with the public rather than sitting at the desk doing paperwork. Since the officers dislike preparing paperwork, it is often put off or done inadequately. There is not anything motivating the officers to change their attitude towards the paper work as the captain has no financial rewards in place due to budget crunches. And promotions are determined by seniority, not the quality of the paperwork. The captain has attended a seminar and to determine how to get the officers motivated to do a better job on their reports. Analysis Using the MARS model of individual behaviour and performance, we have identified the following possible causes of the officers’ unacceptable behaviour Motivation: Officers seem to lack motivation when it comes to doing a good job in reporting, they prefer to rather help people out at fires, accidents and other emergencies. The reason for this lack of motivation when doing paperwork is because there are no financial rewards or promotions for the officers to fill out the paperwork properly. The officers know that even if they prepare an excellent report they will not be financially rewarded and even if they do poorly it will not affect their future promotions or have any other negative consequences. Therefore, they feel there is no reason for them to put in any extra amount of work in order to provide a good report. Ability: The officers were trained to do their job out on the streets and never had any training on how to fill out accurate and timely paperwork. Therefore, the officers are lacking the proper skills and knowledge needed to prepare the paperwork accurately. Role Perceptions: The officers are not aware of their role perceptions and

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