Classification Of Co-Workers

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Classification of Co-workers Most of us have held jobs and have had many different colleagues. Some good and some not so good, and I’m sure we have stories we can share. To my knowledge, co-workers can be classified into four groups: Know-it-all, Eager, Stubborn and Uninterested. The know-it-all is probably the most annoying to work with. They are the ones whose confidence is high, have a neat clean appearance and are sharply dressed. However, the know-it-all has a certain attitude about them that can easily be perceived as cocky. They seem to think they’re above everyone else, but it’s the other way around and are considered outcast by many. When working in a group, the concept of teamwork isn’t something they thrive…show more content…
When it comes to them, the majority of people would rather work alone. First of all, their punctuality is very unreliable and they’re usually never on time for work. One day coming to work on time, but then they’ll be late for two or three days straight. Coupled with being late most of the time, they definitely dislike teamwork or working with others, because of their lack of interest. It’s difficult enough to get them to do tasks alone, and teaming them up with a group of people usually has a negative outcome. Additionally, they’re typical loners who tend to stay to themselves and are isolated from the world in one way or another. Moreover, they have very bad attitudes towards everyone and never want to participate in company functions, or could care less about completing a task or an assignment they’re working on. Furthermore, the lack of interest affects not only them, but their counterparts as well; whatever they don’t accomplish has to be done by their colleagues. Finally, the uninterested fellow workers appearance is not important to them, possibly resulting in low self-esteem, helping explain the way they
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