Abuse in Health and Social Care

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1. Understand the factors that impact on individuals with sensory loss, including: Sensory loss means when a person’s sight, hearing and speech becomes impaired, and as a result, various factors will have an impact on individuals. We use senses to carry out every day living skills, people with no sensory loss, can have a massive impact. Communication Being partially sighted or blind means that people have no ability to see facial expression and a gesture, making it difficult for the person to understand what is being communicated. Someone with no sense of hearing, if they go out and people around them cannot sign, then no communication would take place and individuals end up not getting help or not having their problem sorted. No sense of hearing leads to people not doing tasks like answering the phone, listening to the radio. All this becomes a daunting task to them. Deaf blindness becomes a very difficult task like cleaning, choosing clothes from the wardrobe, reading their bills and bank statements. This has an effect on them because they are unable to maintain confidentiality and independence all this leads to isolation and people being frustrated. Information We gather so much information from our sight and hearing. Reading, writing, listening and talking are all things we do in everyday life. We rely on our senses to carry out everyday living skills. Individuals with sight loss are unable to read; people can easily mislead them or give them wrong information. People unable to hear cannot listen to what is being said on the radio or television, unless there is an interpreter, e.g. being asked to evacuate a place due to an expected earthquake or floods. If a deaf person is on their own because they could not get vital information, they become victims in such circumstances. Deafblind people find it very difficult to identify the clues used by the speaker in

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