Creative And Critical Thinking

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• Describe a situation of public interest in which critical and/or creative thought could have been used for a better outcome. Describe why it is important that leaders think critically and Creative and critical thinking is what helps people have better actions. If one thinks thoughtfully and intently that can allow them to pursue actions that would benefit them self. Most poor actions derive from carelessness, the lack of planning and thinking critically and creatively. Personal reflection/ evaluation usually involve some form of these thinking so time for reflection is the key to avoiding mishaps. In this past week, YouTuber Logan Paul has been under criticism for showing a suicide victims dead body in one of his blogs. He showed a man…show more content…
All creative/critical thinking is thinking in a certain way that allows the best outcomes to happen. But this is much easier said than done because if all people just used their creative/critical thinking so many things could be prevented and changed. The reason why this way of thinking can’t be reached by all in every situation is because there are factors or hindrances that prevent people from being able to access this way of thinking. The most evident hindrance is time. If you don’t have time to think, you usually just act. Because in life unexpected things happen daily, not having enough time to process situations can lead to people acting blindly. On the contrary, having too much time can also affect your thinking because spending so much time thinking of how you want to handle things can make you second guess yourself and that won’t work to your benefit. Another hindrance is stress. Many people are overwhelmed by their lives and sometimes cannot manage to do everything the need. If a person is stressed their attention is constantly divided for the many things they need to worry about and that can affect their critical/creative thinking because they would not be able to think when their mind is preoccupied. The third factor that might alter your critical/creative thinking is emotion. Emotions range from various different things but something consistent about emotions are that they all…show more content…
They have to make their product appeal to consumers with specific wording and appealing illustrations. For example, fast-food companies’ commercial use thin models to advertise their fat filled food to trick the mind into thinking that even beautiful, thin people enjoy their product. Using a thin movie star eating the product may twist consumer perception of the brand and what they may look like after they are eating it. If they were to place a heavier person in their commercials that might scare off customers because they will believe that eating that would might result in them gaining weight (which is probably what will happen). This perception through advertising works to encourage more demand for the product resulting in more money for Company. In this study intended to test whether “movie tie-in premiums accompanying unhealthy fast food meals the influenced children’s meal preferences and their perceptions of these meals,” (Dixon and et. al. 2017). Even though we know that the true characteristics of the product is not good for us, the perception of a product can be impressionable. Also another way for companies to make more money is to know their audience. If a company targets their demographic then they will be more effective. For example, when I watch football I see all these beer companies making their commercial appealing to consumer tastes, desires,

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