Health and Social Care Assignment 306 Part D Short Answers

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306 short answers. Di. 3 common signs of stress are as follows. Inability to concerntrate mainly by seeming preoccipied. Having a shorter temper and being liable to anger given little provocation. Loss of preductivity mainly due to the above as the ability to keep you mind on the task at hand could be compremised. Emotinal outbursts of any given spectrum this could include tears and apathy to it all as a direct result of stress. Dii. Having to complete a task in a set given time that you might deem to be not enough time. An added stress could be the task that is given could have serious implecation to health and wellbeen. A situation where you actions will directly impact others or yourself. An example would be complete task a before date b or you will be sacked. The other way is complete task a before date b or person a will have serious health issues. Anything that basicaly puts pressure on oyu to preform a certain way. Diii. Drinking alcohol can be a way of dealing with stress. Infact i will include smoking and the comsumption of any form of drugs legal or illegal. This can have an immidiate effect on the stress relief but in the long term it wouldnt be wise and could cause many problems to your health and inversly increase stress. Keeping calm and meditation could be very useful heklping you to relax both your body and your mind. This will have little side effects but would need a certain person to be able to do this. So this will onhly be effective if you are able to do it in the first place. Like say exercise is considered a good stress relief but lets be honest the thought of that might be a the cause of more stress to most right thinking peeps. Effective mangaging of staff and job roles. This should of without saying but its most often not the case. Treating workers like a number and not an indivual can have people being given roles and tasks unsuited to
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