Occasional Arguments Are Good for Friendships. Agree or Disagree

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Occasional arguments are good for friendship relationships. The trick is to learn how to do it fairly. Occasional arguments help us to learn how to better understand each other, gives us room to freely express ourselves, and they don’t allow problems about certain situations to build up one after another. An argument is defined as a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action, idea, or thought is right or wrong. In order to have a friendship that works or is healthy you have to argue sometimes to better understand the other person. This includes taking the time to see the full picture from time to time and actually setting yourself and your feelings aside for someone else. For example, if a friend told me he was having trouble concentrating on his studies and I just told him everything he was doing wrong that wouldn’t benefit him at all. However, if instead of throwing all my advice on him I just listen and ask questions I could see the complete picture and understand what the problem could be I could offer some help. This gives him confidence and allows him to be able to work on the problem without feeling ashamed. Another reason why friendly arguments are good occasionally is that it allows us room to freely express ourselves. If you do not take time to freely express yourself you could get lost in what someone else wants you to be or how someone else wants you to think. You have to determine your self worth from time to time which isn’t always easy. This is where the arguments may kick in but in the end you will be more appreciated for being you and you in turn will be better understood. Finally the most important reason why occasional arguments are good or healthy is that it doesn’t allow old or past problems to become future problems. They allow you to discuss them. If a problem goes unnoticed or not talked about it just

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