Why Relationships Fail

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Why Relationships Fail The amount of divorces in the United States every year is astounding. There are many reasons these relationships don’t work. The biggest reason being the lack of communication between the couple. Two other reasons are cheating and the absence of respect within the relationship. These are very important factors of relationships, and if they aren’t practiced the right way it can lead to the destruction of a good friendship. What is communication? Telling your partner everywhere you go during the day isn’t communication. Because most likely you will bore the person you are talking to. Our day to day life typically isn’t very exciting. Communication is the transfer of emotions verbally and mentally. You must be able to convey your emotions and your thoughts, as well as being able to absorb your partner's emotions and thoughts. This may be something you have to work on or it may come naturally to you. This is not a one way street. The lines of communication have to be open on both ends. One of the most common mistakes we make as people is talking at someone and not really talking with them. Also we have a tendency to not really listen to the other person. We are so concerned with what we have to say or what we are upset about that we don’t listen to the other persons input. When a problem arises in a relationship you have to solve it together. You can’t try and fix it yourself because it just won’t work. The lack of communication can also lead to other reasons relationships fail, like cheating. Cheating is a symptom of lack of respect and communication. It has to do with the way a person is affected by the verbal or physical messages the other person sends them. For example if the woman is constantly nagging at the man, he may find this hard to deal with. If it progresses to the way he is dressed or the way he
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