Case Study: Jane Addams Hull House Association

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| HULL HOUSE ASSOCIATION | COURSE PROJECT | MGMT 591-LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR | Melanie Barnes | 4/21/2013 | | Introduction Jane Addams Hull House Association was founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Starr Gates. Hull House was the first and the nation’s most influential settlement house. (Johnson 2004) By 1907 Jane Addams had grown into a 13 building complex complete, with a gym, theater, art and music school, nursery, library, post office, kitchen and meeting rooms. The original Hull House settlement house was located on Halsted on the near west side until University Of Illinois bought the property and surrounding (Johnson 2004). The original settlement is now The Jane Addams Museum located on Halsted.…show more content…
Hull House was comprised of roughly 50 programs that served a population of 60,000 people. Hull House provided services through day care…show more content…
During this time, the state made several cuts to social care. This affected the social service industry greatly. The State of Illinois was the largest contributor to the agency for its duration, and had become delinquent with payments. This has affected the employees of Hull House as they are not receiving timely reimbursements, unable to carry out all work duties because of the reduction in hours, and receiving lower wages. The workers were not visiting the clients on a weekly basis as mandated by DCFS and paperwork was consistently late. There was chronic absenteeism, a high level of turnover, low morale, and low job satisfaction among the employees. All of the above issues adversely affect the level of care and services being provided to the client. How can Hull House Association communicate change in an effort to increase employee satisfaction and organizational productivity? Hull House’s leadership was not supportive of staff at that time. Decisions were consistently being made without any input of employees or alternatives discussed with the employees. The problems identified effects case management and clients’ agency wide. The team is not being provided with the tools needed to effectively do their jobs. The clients’ well-being is primary and their ability to receive the appropriate services is also essential to the agency. As documentation of those services is what partially funds the agency as well. Management has not

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