Prompt: How Do You Perceive the Media’s Influence on Young Adults?

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The media is the major contribution of influence on people today old and young. However, adolescents as well as young adults are influenced by it more so than any other demographic. When media is mentioned we as people often associate it with the news or press conferences, but the media stretches further than that. The media is described as a channel in which information or entertainment can be viewed, read or heard. Televisions, therefore, can be found in every house along with a computer. We find on our person the cell phone which is the biggest offender in the media of today’s society. With all these technologies advancing and our growing dependence to be constantly informed, entertained or socially connected through twitter or Facebook, these companies have to make money by selling time or space to showcase a venders product. Of both the content on the site and advertising campaigns constant bombardment the susceptibility can take a toll on anyone using the media. Although the positive influences of the media are there, the negative influences seem to outweigh them. These negative influences are predominating in young adults. One of the major problems of media influence is violence. Accompanied with that is the strong sexuality shown in the media. In conjunction with strong sexuality stems the body image issue that plagues young people. I believe that the media has a negative influence of my generation. However, moderation and monitoring is the key to divergence. Research shows media can influence the behaviors of young adults when the content contains those mentioned above. Moreover, according to (insert1), exposure to these types of media is not the only concern. (insert1) continues …have also shown that too much exposure can inhibit mental development and adverse effects on physical health. I believe that the proper monitoring of the amount of exposure can

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