The Mass Media's Influence On American Teenagers

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Name: Jean Smith Class: Writing 121 Professor: Mr. Horsh Date: 10//11 The Mass Media’s Influence on American Teenagers The mass media, including television, radio, internet, films, and newspapers have a great influence on people and especially on the younger teenage generation. It plays an important role in shaping the opinions and positions of the younger generation. America’s mass media produces, creates, and promotes multitudes of ideas and theories that teenagers all over America observe and take in for themselves. The mass media’s influence on the minds of developing teenagers in America is harmful, because it is detrimental to their development as an individual person. The mass media influences men, women, teenagers, and toddlers alike. Teenagers are exposed to mass media more often than other demographics which gives them more chances to be influenced by it. Every aspect of a teenager’s life has been influenced by mass media at one point. A large part of the communicated ideas that protrude to teenagers is from the mass media. Every day, teenagers all over America use some source of mass media. Using media is their way to communicate. Whether they are reading a newspaper, checking their smartphones, browsing the internet, or watching television, they are communicating in some way. By consuming the different forms of media, we can discover important events, news, or just find some entertainment to pass the time. Even through all the advantages the media makes available to us, the media also has some negative sides that can be harmful to the younger generation of Americans. The younger generation’s extensive consuming of mass media is pernicious to their learning effectiveness. Teens are a huge consuming demographic of the media industry. They spend hours upon hours using media for often worthless tasks. When all of these hours add

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