How Media Has An Affect On Society

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Michael Degener Degener 1 Comp 1 8:30 11-17-11 How does the media affect society The Medias Affects on Society The media is undoubtedly a significant and influential aspect in modern day society. The media affects society through the facts it chooses to reveal. The media can choose to mention certain things and not to mention certain things. The media influences all types of people through various forms such as the radio, television, newspapers, etc. The media has an affect on all age groups from children to teenagers and young adults, and from older adults to senior citizens. The media affects society through multiple ways rather it be a book a TV show or just a normal Sunday paper. There are many different ways and opportunities for the media to influence our society through these types of media. One way society is affected because the TV and other types of media allow businesses and companies to advertise there products or company from have an add on a commercial on the TV or radio or having your add on a page in the paper or magazine. This allows businesses to influence their customers to buy from or some how use their business rather than other businesses. Almost every type of corporation, company or business can benefit from the society whether it be a clothing store, which super market you should shop at, which restraint Degener 2 you should eat at and so on. Although the media can be very beneficiary for companies it can also have a bad influence on them. For example if there are two car dealer ships selling the same cars to the same group of people one of the two dealerships are going to try to say or convince the people that there dealership is better than there’s. There are multiple ways for the two dealerships to advertise the other dealership negatively rather it being telling the true or maybe

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