Explore Some Aspects of the Ways Your Speech Changes

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Explore some aspects of the ways your speech changes according to the context you are in. When I was first introduced to the concept that my language changes according to the context of the conversation, I was very sceptical. However throughout this language study it has become apparent that my accent, my idiolect and register do change in accordance to the situation I am in. The way in which we speak has a very big influence on what people think of us; this could be one of the main reasons as to why we adapt our idiolect for different situations. There are many factors that can affect the way we speak such as: age, gender, familiarity, background, friendship groups and education. Another factor that can affect our language is the media. For example through T.V programmes and the internet many teenagers have picked up words such as ‘dude’, ‘OMG’ or ‘fail’ etc. By observing my language I realised that I have adopted these words and use them often in casual conversation. It has been especially noticed by my friends that I use the word ‘dude’ very frequently, this could be due to the fact that American phrases are being passed on more easily than before through the internet, making it easier for teenagers to pick up. A factor that I mentioned affected my speech was gender. While exploring my own language use I found that I am more comfortable around my own gender than with males, I believe this to be because of the school that I attend. As it is an all-girls school with mainly female teachers I have grown up in an environment that is mainly female dominated and I think this has affected my speech greatly. I have noticed that I tend to speak faster and use hand gestures while at school as girls tend to talk a lot and over-lap each other so it can be hard to get your point across in a conversation if you don’t make your point quickly. However when I am in a

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