Parental Influence vs Celebrity

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From the day we were born, or even earlier when we were created in the uterus, we have been constantly influenced by our surroundings, whether they are living things or nonliving objects. Parental genes and nutrition influence the development of human body. Schools, teachers, peers, and TV shows help form our perspectives of the world which we live in. Among so many sources of influence, the influence of parents and the influence of celebrities are two of the most important ones. The influence of parents and the influence of celebrities share similarities in that they influence people’s choices of lifestyle, their effectiveness through imitation, and the qualities of the influence, and contrast each other in that they differ in physical distance, the subject of being influenced by a free will, and the aspects of life that they contribute to. Both parents and celebrities are crucial in influencing our choices of lifestyle. Because we stay with parents almost all the time, our habits and the way we live everyday come mainly from the influence of our parents. They teach us how to talk and walk; they feed us the kinds of food that they like or think are good for us; they tell us when to sleep and wake up. Also, if parents smoke or drink, their children are more likely to choose to smoke or drink because they would regard smoking or drinking as a normalcy and because they have seen it every day. Just as how parents influence us, celebrities can also influence our choices of lifestyle. Since celebrities are often in the public media, we are able to know a lot of information about them, positive or negative. The influence from parents and the influence from celebrities are both shown through people’s imitation of them. Human beings are talented in mimicking. When we were babies and our parents taught us to say elementary words like “ma” and
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