Strict Parenting Essay

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Strict Parenting Today there are a variety of parenting styles in the world, depending on the parent’s ethnicity and cultural background. Stereotypically, strict parenting is usually most popular in most foreign families, such as, Chinese families. On the other hand, typically in western families, a more sympathetic parenting style is applied. In most cases, parenting styles have some affect on their children’s performance and level of success in their lives. Since majority of Chinese parents set such high standards for their children’s social life, academics, and extracurricular activities, it makes them better parents than most Western parents. In most cases, strict parenting involves parents having the responsibility to impose rules and guidelines for their children’s social life. If not, most parents feel that their children will take advantage of their free time, and utilize it in an unnecessary manner. For example, “It drew from studies which had shown that girls whose parents were 'mediocre' were more likely to experience 'significantly more internalizing problems such as low self-esteem or the use of illicit drugs'.” (Clark, 2009). Clearly, this shows that studies prove that due to ‘mediocre’ parents having less involvement in their children’s social life, will lead their children to making immature decisions that they may regret. Amy Chua, like most Chinese parents, states “Chinese parents believe that they know what is best for their children and therefore override all of their children's own desires and preferences.”(2011). This allows parents to become more involved and aware of what’s going on in the social lives of their children. In doing so, strict parents make sure they lead their children in the correct pathway in their social life in order to get a step closer to becoming successful. Most importantly, Chinese parents set

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